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This Is What You Need To Have Your Best Year Ever

I want to tell you a story,  My customer came to me to to buy a fall/winter veggie box farm share. They’ve been buying from us for years and we didn’t have one to sell. That’s SEVERAL times now we have had to say sold out this past year. You’d think she would never buy again and she […]

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Resilience And Your Dinner Table

Resilience is developed through endurance. For example, circumstances evolved in 2020 where six of our employees were delayed from coming to the farm for 110 days which made Spring/Summer challenging. We stayed resilient in this season by enduring sacrifices and reaped the benefits. Despite challenges, we had positive results. The harvest has been rewarding– just ask a Summer veggie […]

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If You Get a Weekly Veggie Box, You’ll Want to Know This.

If eating your veggies is good for you, then fermenting is magic! Alright, I may have exaggerated a bit — fermenting isn’t magic, it’s science!!  But it sure seems like magic from all of the healthy stories I hear from customers sharing how they eat fermented veggies and use up a box of veggies every […]

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