No food coloring or preservatives are added.

Buying meat from Riehm’s helps you support your local farmer who produce high-quality meat without the additives often found in grocery stores.

The Riehm family themselves raise the beef they offer for sale.

John has been raising beef cattle, enjoying the process and continuously learning since his first 4-H project when he was 9 years old.

Using modern breeding methods he can match the traits of bulls and cows to make calves that provide the best cuts of meat.

Born and raised on Riehm’s grass-green pastures and grain finished.

John raises Angus and Simmental cattle in his herd, and currently has about 20 adult cows.

A cow’s gestation is 9 months and each spring the farm welcomes a new batch of calves.

Calves are bred, born and raised on the farm.

“They’re on pasture all summer long,” he said. “They’re out in the open air eating grass. In the winter they are roaming the open fields. The only time they leave the farm is to go to the butcher and make their way to your house.”

The cattle are raised without adding hormones or antibiotics.

Meat is packaged as porterhouse, T-bone and ribeye steaks.

There are no food coloring, dye, preservatives or water added to the meat.

“We don’t do any of that stuff to it,” John said. “It is what it is.”

For 14 months the animals are grass fed and roam the farm’s pastures in the sunlight eating green grass and corn fodder from the harvested fields. During the last few months some grain is added to their diet to increase marbling of the meat for high-quality tender meat.

Beef jerky is made from the leanest portions of the older cows.

At slaughter the beef has a live weight of 1200 pounds, which equates to 650-750 pounds of meat, or about 62%.

After slaughter the meat is aged for 10 days for maximum tenderness.

When it’s ready the meat is cut up and packaged as steaks such as porterhouse, ribeye and T-bone as well as ground beef and roasts. Beef jerky, summer sausage and beef sticks are produced from the rest. Ready to make their way to your home.


Keep summer sausage in your freezer for your next charcuterie board.

The flavor is so good that you’ll want to have a few cuts in your freezer at all times.

“Almost everything is sold through our year-round CSA Custom Farm Boxes,” Farmer John said.

Find our high-quality meat without the additives also in our roadside stand July – October each year.

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