Phil started to raise hogs since he had extra room in his barn.

In 2020, the Riehm family decided to add pork to their CSA Market Box offerings.

“We sold beef and chicken, and thought people would be interested in pork, and we realized we had the space,” Phil said.

In the first year, he raised three pigs as a test, and increased to nine the second year.

“Now we’re at 14,” Phil Riehm said. 

The pigs have plenty of space to roam during their lives and are treated very well.

When Phil buys pigs to raise he’s supporting another local business.

Josh Fortney is another Seneca County farmer who operates a swine farm where they farrow pigs.

“He treats us well,” Phil said.

The swine are mainly the Hampshire breed of pigs but some others as well are purchased when they reach about 2 months old. They are raised for about 5 – 6 months before they reach slaughter weight.

Phil raises the pigs to produce juicy, tender meat that’s full of flavor.

Phil said. “Everybody loves the bacon. I get all the bacon I can out of the hog every time.”

Each pig has a hanging weight of 250-300 pounds, and about half of that weight is meat.

From each hog Phil said he makes 25-30 pounds of bacon, 10-15 pounds of Canadian bacon, 10 pounds of spare ribs and 15 pounds of pork chops.

The rest is made into sausage – maple, sage and Italian.

Most of the pork raised is sold through our year-round CSA Market Boxes and Diane Riehm says pork sales are going well.

“One thing someone said that I thought was interesting,” she said, “People eat pork for breakfast, lunch and dinner, where beef you don’t.”

No matter what meal you’re planning your CSA Market Box has meat options, along with vegetables of course, and a wide variety of other options.

You can also find our high-quality pork without the additives at our roadside stand July – October each year.

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