Get our NEW MARKET BOXES for the 2021 Fall/Winter season BEFORE THEY SELL OUT!

Is there anything different? YES

Let us be sure to flag some NEW CHANGES specifically as it impacts your membership.

  • You can sign up NOW for the “NEW MARKET BOX” (details below!), which allows you the flexibility of “paying as you go” once the season starts. You only pay for one box right now. No more big upfront cost to you!
  • We’ve made it easier than ever. You will be able to choose a mix of local products for your bag each delivery. It’s VERY EXCITING! Coffee only on weeks that you want it. We are dedicated to making it easier for you to use your everyday grocery budget to buy from our family farm, local farmers, small businesses and area food artisans.
  • Your price has NOT increased per item. We have included MORE than veggies options in your box/bag. Eggs can be included into this box any time you decide you would like them because they won’t be offered as an “add-on” share… SEE GOODBYE ADD-ONS paragraph.
  • You can “skip” a delivery/payment at any time, so your farm share is on your schedule. No more hold/reschedule button to deal in the NEW CSA Fall/Winter Market Boxes.

What does a CSA Market Box entail?

  • 2021 Fall/Winter season will start November 1st.
  • Pick up is “every-other-week”
  • This will be a 8-DELIVERY season
  • NEW! Fully customizable boxes in three sizes 
  • More local products
  • Once your order has been completed and your card has been charged, you will receive a “Welcome Back” email series that will provide you with reminders about how to use your Harvie account.

· Goodbye add-ons, hello flexibility – As we have increased our product line over the years to find the best products for your kitchen, we wanted you to have even more control over what goes into your share each week. This is why we won’t have “add-ons” anymore.

Not to worry – still want eggs or fruit, proteins or bread each delivery week? Just put them in your cart and you’ll get them every time they’re available. 


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Tiffin, OH 44883