If you’re like most, you might think Riehm Produce Farm sells meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs or flowers.

But what if I told you that’s NOT all we’re really doing?

You see, those products are commodities. You can get them at any grocery (or even convenience) store!

So why would customers go out of their way – and pay – for RPfarm products?

Not because it’s meat, veggies, fruit, eggs or flowers.

Instead, they buy from us because it keeps Ohio agriculture strong. They want to know their farmer and support hyper-local business. Which in turn ENRICHES your life on farm-style living.

There’s NOT many farms these days that you can buy food from in NW Ohio. We see a lot of corn and soybeans grown in these parts.

We hear all the time that Riehm Produce Farm also helps people eat more veggies. Yes, people commitment to eat from our farm for a full season.

THAT’s what your dollars are really doing!

There’s no special trick y’all. We just ask in a very specific way, do you want to see your money have a purpose?!

When you’re buying a csa weekly market box from RPfarm, it’s a perfect opportunity to make yourself feel amazing and be ENRICHED!

And when you feel amazing, life becomes good and you are enriched.

GET ACCESS to RPfarm’s weekly market boxes Today. You’ll put yourselves in the shoes of a farmer who you can trust.

  • We’ll dive into keeping fresh veggies in front of you weekly.
  • Let you see how we tackle farming life.
  • Help you embrace homemade food.
  • Deeply connect your money to more value.



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