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I created this virtual lab so you can access all our Personal CSA Guides in one place. We’re always looking to better help you, please let us know if you have a pain point that isn’t covered and we’ll try our best to create content tailored to your needs.

We help busy people get weekly, farm fresh meals on the table so they feel healthy and full of ideas as to what’s for dinner.”


How to Use Harvie LINK

Canceling & Rescheduling Boxes LINK

How Do Extras Work? LINK

How Does the Payment Plan Work LINK

How to Customize Your Box LINK

How to Set Your Product Preferences LINK

Changing Delivery Dates/Vacation Holds LINK

How to Update Payment Information LINK

How to Access/Edit My Harvie Profile LINK

Private Facebook Group ACCESS HERE

Harvest Calendar PDF

Frequently Asked Questions LINK

Farminar (30 minute webinar) LINK

Quantity of a Share Pictures LINK

Advice from CSA Veterans for Newbies COMING SOON!


The Ultimate Guide to Food Storage eBook
(Phil’s famous short cuts for your fridge)

Refilling Your Pantry eBook

Where to Store Your Farm Share PDF

Canning 101 COMING SOON!



Searchable by Vegetable RECIPES 

Flavor Profiles COMING SOON!
(5 Taste Buds Create Unstoppable recipes)

Sheet Pan Meals IDEAS

Facebook group 2018 RECIPE eBOOK


Keep Your Kitchen User-friendly COMING SOON!
(Top 10 tools to consider)

Using Kitchen Tools COMING SOON!

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