Resilience is developed through endurance. For example, circumstances evolved in 2020 where six of our employees were delayed from coming to the farm for 110 days which made Spring/Summer challenging. We stayed resilient in this season by enduring sacrifices and reaped the benefits.

Despite challenges, we had positive results. The harvest has been rewarding– just ask a Summer veggie member. They enjoyed 20-30 delicious produce items each week! Now in the Fall/Winter harvest season, we are still going strong.

Many people have developed new habits and embraced recent changes such as eating at home on a regular basis. The family’s strength and adaptability are shining through. By signing up for eight deliveries starting the first week of Novemberothers will demonstrate resilience at the dinner table. We know the powerful benefits a farm share can have on our members.

Our middle son’s children, Juliana and the newest addition Noah

As with the farm’s resiliency, our middle son and daughter-in-law, Jeremy and Jana Riehm, have also experienced a new kind of fortitude with their second child, Noah. He was born in June with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. While still very fragile, open heart surgery was required just a few days after birth in June. They have stayed strong while many enduring challenges. As what seems to be innate to their upbringing here in rural North West Ohio, they are looking for a silver lining while trusting God’s plan. Using their knowledge as health care professionals and personal experience with Noah, they have sought out to help other families battling the same rare congenital heart condition.

Being a life-long distance runner, Jeremy has mixed his passions for running, family and faith in a blog called Cross Runner’s Heart-The Journey and also has a Facebook page, Noah’s Heart. You can follow these to find something inspirational. 

Whether it be our children, hobbies or deep desire to help other families, the Riehms have stayed dedicated. By partnering with us, YOU are extended family. We are the farmers who have endured the seasons and provide the highest quality produce for your dinner table.

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How do you automate this way of living? Select to auto-renew your farm share. We are confident you will look back and feel completely satisfied with this decision. Your commitment of quality food consumption provides a resiliency that your body can rely on for years!

“Healthy soil makes healthier veggies, which makes a healthier you.” 

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