I wanted to reach out to you about the NEW Bingo Board so you can crush it this summer!

It was generated with the help of several CSA market box members.

We’re PRETTY stoked about this one. Here’s Why: Sometimes it is hard, especially for newbies to know all the steps to help utilize everything from their boxes.

To use the Bingo Board all you have to do is take a screenshot or print it and start working to ENRICH YOUR LIFE and DINNER TABLE or help someone else along the way with your pictures and ideas.

Feel free to re-do any of the same bingo squares each week or try new squares to mix up your meals. 

Goal: Mark off 5 bingo squares weekly to grab the best chance of creating a win-win! They do not have to be in a line.

How to earn chances: Post crossed-off squares “with pictures” from the bingo card in the RPfarm CSA Market Box Members FB group between May 30th -October 7th. Not on Facebook? No worries…just email pictures of your 5 accomplished items and tell us which 5 boxes you’ve marked off to the farm office riehmfarms@gmail.com (or reply to one of our emails) by Mondays at 3:00pm.

Each week we will draw from our list of Bingo players so make sure to stay connected to the member page for updates and help congratulate each week’s winners!

We are looking forward to doing the “BINGO” challenge together with you!

A Winner will be drawn EVERY Tuesday at the end of each Un-boxing video starting June 7th. Winner will receive something special for their box the following week.

You’re gonna love it!

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